Foreign Customers

Unfortunately we do not yet have a complete English version of the web site, but we of course welcome any customer from any Country through out the world to place their order in our Web shop.

1. Just register all your customer details.

2. Place your order. (We are not allowed to sell pattern books without yarn.)

3. Choose to pay with your credit card.

4. You will now receive an automatically generated email with your
   order confirmation, given in Norwegian and 
   with the Norwegian taxes included in the price.

When we have received your order, we will change the original invoice. The cost of the yarn will always be 20% less than the price given on the web shop (Norwegian sales taxes) and the freight costs will depend on the weight and destination.(Always based on the shipping rates of the Norwegian Postal Service). This normally means that you have been charged too much. If this is the case, the difference will be credited to your card.

In order to register user, the following are the fields you are asked to fill in.

Fornavn:         * Here you write your first name
Etternavn:       * Here you write your family name
E-post:          * Here yoy write your e-mail adress
Passord          * Here you chose and write your personal password
Bekreft passord: * Here you rewrite your password to confirm it

Adresse:         * Here you write your street adress or mailbox
Adresse2:          This is for a second adress - you may use it for suplement information
Postnummer:      * Here you write the City Code (only numbers are allowed)
By/Sted:         * Here you write the name of your city, and Country eq - Portsmouth, UK
Telefon:           Here you write your phone number
Mobil:             Here you write your cell-phone number

* - means that the information is required.

We look foreward to serve you

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